Love More Now Mala Necklace

Love More Now Mala Necklace

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This stunning mala was birthed from the feeling of what charges us up every day here at Blissology.  That Presence opens the doorway to Love.

When we are fully present with ourselves and with those whom we are in relationship with we open up to Love. At Blissology, we chant this mantra: Love More Now, as a reminder to offer someone (and ourselves); the gift of LOVE right now so we can fully embrace the preciousness of life as it is happening in this moment.

The Love More Now Mala radiates unconditional love. We designed it with Rose Quartz – the love stone - to purify and open the heart and bring deep inner healing and self-love; Rhodonite to stimulate and activate the heart chakra and clear away scars from our past; Moonstone to connect to our intuition, calm our emotions and offer us the power of new beginnings;  and Guru Crystal Quartz ; the master healer to strengthen and stabilize the body's energy fields and promote harmony, tune us to our spiritual purpose and release self-imposed limitations.

The mala also contains Rudraksha Beads. Known as the “Eye or Tears of Shiva” they have been worn by sages and yogis since Vedic times for their spiritual significance and healing properties. 

Completing the mala is a gold plated Blissology pendant shaped like a teardrop and a flame.  It reminds us that life is both Bliss and sacrifice: while the five circles signify our relationship to our Self, to those we are in close relationship with, to our community, our planet and to the cosmos.  How we treat ourselves is how we treat everyone and everything we are in interrelationship with.

We hope you find more love and bliss when you wear this mala.


  • 108 carefully sourced mala beads, plus one guru bead.
  • Contains: Rose quartz, rhodonite, moonstone, crystal quartz and rudraksha beads.
  • 18 K gold plating over sterling silver.
  • Silk threads and tassel. 
  • Handmade and blessed in Bali, Indonesia.


Note: Preorders open now. This necklace will ship in early July 2022.